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Dental Flossing

We often get asked questions such as how often should I floss, is flossing necessary, and what teeth should I floss ? Our response is the cliche used by dentists the world over. You should only floss the teeth you want to keep ! You see next to brushing, flossing is the most important thing that you can do to ensure good oral health.

The purpose of both brushing and flossing is to reduce the number of bacteria which inhabit our mouths. Normally, millions of these microscopic monsters call your mouth home feeding on food particles left on our teeth.

Ungrateful guests, these bacteria produce acid as a result of their feasting and it is this acid which eats into tooth enamel creating cavities. If this wasn't bad enough, the bacteria also pour out volatile sulfur compounds creating embarrassing bad breath.

Normally bacteria are found within a mesh of mucus and debris known as plaque. Regular brushing removes the plaque and the bacteria plaque contains. Unfortunately, many people only brush forgetting that flossing is a key component to any good oral hygiene program.

Flossing removes the bacteria that escape the toothbrush by hiding in the tiny spaces in between teeth. Brushing without flossing is like washing only 65% of your body. The other 35% remains dirty ! The American Dental Association recommends that you floss at least once a day.

Dental Care Tips Following Root Canal

1. Brittleness - a non-vital tooth is more brittle than a vital one and is more susceptible to fracture. Therefore, in most cases, it is recommended that your root canal tooth be crowned (capped) following treatment.

2. Discoloration - you may notice that your root canal treated tooth (especially a front tooth) might change color. Be sure to ask your dentist about tooth whitening if the tooth is not restored with a crown.

3. Don't chew very hard food on your root canal treated tooth for 48 hours. Take the medication prescribed by your dentist on time

Dental Care Tips Following Fillings

1. Do not eat for 2 hrs following an amalgam filling.

2. Do not eat very hard food for 24hrs from the treated side.

3. If the filling comes in the way while chewing be sure to inform your dentist about it.

4. After a tooth colored filling ask your dentist about the care to be taken.


Dental Care Tips Following Extraction

1. Keep the gauze pack firmly pressed in place for 45 mins.

2. Do not spit-out while the pack is in place.

3. Apply ice over the area for 1-2hrs

4. After 45 mins take out the pack & rinse gently using cold water.

5. If bleeding continues more than 30mins after taking out the pack place another sterile pack provided by your dentist for 30mins.

6. For 24 hrs after the extraction food should comprise anything cold or room temp. & semi-solid.

7. Take the medication as prescribed.

8. If there's excessive pain or swelling please inform your dentist.


Dental Care Tips Following Denture Placement

1. Do not eat with your new dentures for 1 day, as you would take time to get used to them.

2. Start chewing soft food first before going on to a normal diet.

3. Expect a few sore spots here & there as your gums would take time to get used to them.

4. Do not try to bite into things such as a sandwich with your front teeth if you wear upper n lower complete dentures.

5. Always try to exert equal pressure with the right n left sides while chewing.

6. Inform your dentist if you have a lot of pain or if the soreness increases.


Dental Care Tips Following Crown & Bridge Treatment

1. Do not eat or drink for 1 hour following crown / bridge placement.

2. Do not use your crown / bridge to hold metallic objects.

3. Remember to use dental floss in the area adjacent to the crown/bridge .

Disclaimer: All information on this site is purely for general interest only - you should always seek "independent" professional advice before acting upon ANYTHING published on this site. Thankyou